LifeTyme Production has been operating for over 18 years and in that decade; we have given our clients the kind of atmosphere and attention that has kept them coming back, tracks after tracks music after music. “Any artist can buy the ingredients to make a home studio, but it takes a professional with years of experience to foster a fertile creative environment where you can relax, collaborate and create while at the same time, capturing your performance”.

Located in Lacey, Washington, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of LifeTyme Productions is Lee Gore a.k.a LifeTyme. He is a well-rounded versatile music producer, engineer and songwriter that have been in the game for many years. LifeTyme was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. While growing up, he always been fascinated and had the passion of love for music. Between the ages of 6-10, he attended Waimanalo Elementary School where he sang and played a Hawaiian instrument in a choir. He traveled all over the island with his choir spreading the warm sounds of Hawaiian music and other genres.

At the age of 15 is where he wrote his first songs, making a simple beat on his chest while humming a tune in his head LifeTyme new this was his new found calling. Although he lived and traveled to states like Georgia, New York and Kansas, due to his father being in the US Army, he didn't let his passion go, he continued to write songs. LifeTyme ended up going back to Hawaii to graduate from Kalaheo High School in 1994. During his last year in high school is where he decided not only did he want to be a singer/song writer but also he wanted to be a Music Producer. It is from that point that he self taught himself to play the piano and to learn the music industry and all that it has to offer. In 1995 LifeTyme decided to start his own label and called it LifeTyme Productions. In 1996 LifeTyme enlisted in the US Army not only to serve and protect, but also to build a comfortable foundation for himself and his family.

Today he is a successful Soldier with 17 years active duty service at the rank of Sergeant First Class (E-7) with 2 tours to Iraq. While stationed at Fort Campbell, KY. LifeTyme decided to work part-time in conjunction with Lethal Underground Records (Clarksville, TN) where he worked with many people of all styles of music. "Working at Lethal Underground Records, I learned alot and the in's and out's of the game" he says. "But you must have the time and patients when working with artist, cause it can be very time consuming." "The hours working at the studio was very challenging,” he says. In 2001, LifeTyme received orders to Fort Lewis, WA where he continued to make music. He deployed to Iraq at the end of 2003-2004 where he continued to make music and beats for Soldiers around his busy schedule. LifeTyme did another tour to Iraq at the end of 2005-2006 where he was on Camp LSA Anaconda. While working a 12 hour shift, he was able to organize and put together a team of talented Soldiers that he was able to record and put out on CD "Soldiers in Iraq Compilation mix tape CD 2006"

While still serving in the US Army, LifeTyme continues to produce music for such artist's as N$G (Never Stop Grinding) Label, Members: Dougie Jay, Rahale B., Redhead, Lil Fresh and Juice. Be on the look out for future projects from these talented artist.

LifeTyme Productions is much more then just a music production company, you can also get Professional Photography as well. Not only has LifeTyme opened up to Photography he also has a Clothing brand named Black Diamond Urban Clothing. Be sure to check out the link to his brand. 

LifeTyme Productions is much more then just Music; its the love of the Arts!


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